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Why This Charge/Fee Must Be Blocked

Putting this charge/fee into effect places an unfair burden on Hilton Head Island tax payers.

  • As Hilton Head Island property owners, you already pay for law enforcement services. Essentially, with this fee, property owners would be taxed twice for law enforcement, and in some instances, three times.
    • Seventy percent of the Island's residents live in a gated community, where they also pay for and have the added protection of private security. This private security relieves some of the burden from the Sheriff's deputies so they do not have to respond to every infraction that occurs in these private communities.
  • Imposing extra charges/fees only on Hilton Head Island's property owners is grossly inequitable. In fiscal year 2020, taxes from Hilton Head Island property owners accounted for 45% of the BCSO budget. With the new fee, your taxes will make up 60% of the BCSO budget.
  • Our community values safety. Everyone deserves to be protected, but we should not be overtaxed for this right.

Why You Should Be Concerned

As a property owner, you already pay for law enforcement services. You should not be taxed twice for these services.

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